Our Materials


14k Gold consists of 58% Gold, 31% Copper, 10% Silver, and 1% Zinc. 14k Gold has a subtle, warm coloring.

14k Rose Gold consists of 58% Gold, 40% Copper, 1% Silver, and 1% Zinc. 14k Rose Gold has a pinkish tint.

14k White Gold
consists of 58% Gold, 24% Copper, 9% Zinc, and 9% Nickel. 14k White Gold looks like silver with a hint of gold.

18k Gold consists of 75% Gold, 10% Copper, and 15% Silver. 18k Gold is brighter and more vibrant than 14k Gold.

Polished Silver is lightly hand polished to achieve a smooth finish but still can have some surface texture.

Premium Silver is highly hand polished to a "wet" sheen and looks very shiny.

Precious Plated Metal (14k gold plated, 14k rose gold plated, rhodium Plated, 18k gold plated, )  is a durable material, but can still scratch or wear through. Prolonged surface wear can rub off the finish. To prevent damage, we recommend storing your item in a soft cloth pouch away from other products, and avoiding exposure to household chemicals and cleaning products.

Precious Plated Metals are cast in Brass before going through extensive hand polishing to create a smooth surface texture. After being cast, we underplate the brass with palladium to provide strength and durability. Your products are then plated with .5 microns of the precious metal of choice. The outcome is a beautiful shiny luster with a high level of detail and smooth surface finish. The palladium and precious metal electroplatings are about .5 micron each, but this can vary based on geometry.