Gheg & Tosk work is inspired by the rich Albanian culture, history and folklore that has accompanied this small treasure of Europe.

Gheg & Tosk jewelry and gift-shop is intended to promote the Albanian culture by creating artistic works that represent various key historical and cultural elements that Albanians share among them from the northern highlands of Gheg dialect to the southern lands of Tosk dialect. These elements stretch beyond the current Albanian state borders to Kosova, western Macedonia, Montenegro, southern Serbia, northern Greece and across the Adriatic sea to our Arberesh community in southern Italy. The items represented here are meant to share, inspire, unite and bring awareness of Albanian culture around the world. 


Artist's note

Gheg & Tosk collection is currently limited in numbers but with your support and our devotion to continue our path of cultural enrichment, our collection will continue to grow giving its contribution towards reinforcing and cherish out heritage and cultural values.

We are very proud and excited for finally making it possible for Gheg & Tosk - Skanderbeg helmet becoming available in our online store for all our community. This project undertook a few years of hard-work, investment  and development to finally presented in our page.

Special thanks goes to my beautiful wife, Sarah Allison Kokoshari for her encouragement, support and assistance from the first day our brand Gheg & Tosk was born.

I will end this note with a quotation from one of the most humbled Albanian figures,

Mother Teresa ( Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu )

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples"

Mother Teresa


Thank you for checking our page.

Gheg & Tosk