Dardanian Goddess on the Throne Pendant

Dardanian Goddess on the Throne Pendant

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This figurine pendant is inspired by the Bronze Age Dardanian 'Goddess on the Throne'. The figurine belongs to the Neolithic Vinca culture, dated four millennia before Christ. It represents the cult of The Great Mother Idol.

As a very precious archaeological artifact of Kosova, it is preserved in the Museum of Pristina (the capital), becoming the iconic symbol for this institution.

In the navel area of the artifact, there is an ancient ‘E’ like-symbol facing upwards, which is a praying figure towards the Goddess. In the back of the pendant it is carved Dardania, a territory slightly bigger than modern Kosova boundaries.

The pendant is custom made per order. It takes 14 business days to create, plus shipping time. 

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