Leka I Madh

Leka I Madh


Sir William Woodthorpe Tarn, of the British Academy, regarded worldwide as having written the definitive work on Alexander the Great, states in the opening paragraph of his book Alexander the Great that “Alexander certainly had from his father (Philip II) and probably from his mother (Olymbia) Illyrian, i.e. Albanian, blood!”* In Albanian oral ballades Alexander The Great is referred to as Leka I Madh.

The pendant depicts Alexander The Great carrying a banner with Ram’s horns on his head. The display of the ram decoration or just the ram’s horns are important elements seen continuously displayed in Thraco-Illyrian helmets, Pirro of Epirus and last carried upon Skanderbeg’s medieval helmet.

It is witnessed by many ancient world writers of the time that Illyrian, Macedonian and Epirot tribes were considered as barbaric populations by the Greeks.

This piece of jewelry is made out of sterling silver 925 material with an antique look treatment over it.

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