Skanderbeg Helmet

Skanderbeg Helmet


It took three years of dedicated hard work for Gheg & Tosk to make Skanderbeg's helmet come to life. Available for everyone, our Skanderbeg helmet is an artistic replica representation of the original Skanderbeg's helmet preserved in Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum.

This helmet has been reconstructed and adapted to be wearable by adults during any celebrations, festive events, family gatherings, cheering for our national teams, or merely an art adornment.

Fabricated in plastic, cured in colors of gold, steel, and copper, it contains an adjustable velcro/cloth interior to comfort the head. The helmet has minor dents or marks to resemble a medieval helmet with minor paint imperfections.

The helmet is available to ship to all our Albanian communities in US, EU and major other countries around the world.

The Skanderbeg helmets are currently in stock and ship as soon as the payments are validated in the system. We have a limited amount of Skanderbeg helmets in stock.

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