Skanderbeg Helmet Ring

Skanderbeg Helmet Ring

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This ring represents the helmet of Gjergj Kastrioti, also known as Skanderbeg. The Albanian Prince was able to unite all the Albanian landlords to fight against the most feared armies of the middle ages in Europe, the Ottoman Empire.

The ring just like Skanderbeg helmet in miniature echoes the same powerful aspirations of Albanian people during middle ages such as freedom, unity, struggles, triumph and the everlasting epic fights against tyranny, annihilation and slavery offered by Ottoman invasions on European soil.   

The pronounced goat with the elongated horns above the ring is a powerful mythical element carried down for centuries among Illyrians, Spartans and Thracians tribes. It is no coincidence that we find the striking horns placed in Skanderbeg's helmet as a direct contribution and acknowledgment of his predecessors' legacy and prominent military figures such as Alexander the Great or Pyrrhus of Epirus.

The banner inscriptions on the ring translate to: * IN * PE * RA * TO * RE * BT *, which in latin means: Jhezus Nazarenus * Principi Emathie * Regi Albaniae * Terrori Osmanorum * Regi Epirotarum * Benedictat Te.

Both sides of the ring contain a carving of Skanderbeg's coat of arms - a double-headed eagle emblem.

The ring is meant to be carried on special occasions with a powerful and striking visual appearance.

The ring is custom made per order. It takes 14 business days to create, plus shipping time. Please contact us for if you need the ring at a different size then 11.5

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